Saturday, 18 September 2010

Odd Week

Its been an odd week! Full of ups and downs. Awesome bits and bad bits and sad bits.

Monday i went back to work. I've been off sick for 3 weeks. Its irksome. Not only to myself but to the people i work with too. I got physically sick. First a stomach bug and then a migraine. I went to the doctors and ended up sitting and sobbing my heart out to which she said it would not do and i needed to take time to grieve for myself and not for others. I find it impossible to control the emotional stuff when im physically sick, cant hide it or hide from it. I saw wisdom in her words and took some time off to rest and sleep which i didnt actually get, but more about that in a moment.

I prayed that God would hear my prayers and send help and that is what he did. First a doctors, then my sister Julie, then my daughters 1,2 and 3, then a good friend and then a priesthood holder. If i didnt know God existed before i do now. All these things worked for my good, lifted my spirit so i could keep going.

So Monday i went back to work and it was ok, normal, uncomplicated and straight forward, even if my brain wasnt working and i had to ask about the simplest of things at times.

So Tuesday came. We have 14 beds where i work but we were expecting 24 patients. Many of them day-patients. It was take a deep breath and dont expect to be able to take another one till the end of the shift. There were three of us working, then the senior sister and scheduling sister came and help admit and the whole thing though busy ended up being an awesome day. It felt like i had achieved something good.

I also gave my friend a Book of Mormon. I had prayed about it, kept getting her name in my head and i kept telling God dont be rediculous she will think im crazy but she already does so thats ok. So i just gave it too her. I put it on the desk in front of her and she took it. She seemed really pleased too and said she would read it but lets wait and see.

There are so many things that have happened this week my brain is in a bit of a whirl. Wednesday nothing out of the ordinary happened. Thursday the missionaries came and did some service for me and now i have a shiney newly painted bathroom but im sure i told him not to paint the floor. Also nearly all the wallpaper is now gone from the kitchen, along with some of the plaster, unfortunate but not there fault. Old house, old plaster. Great conversation with the missionaries too.

Friday my so called friend asked me not text him for a week has his girlfriend didnt like it. We had pizza for lunch and then after lunch he texted me and asked me if i was alright. Let just clearly state that its not me that does all the texting or the invites for lunch. Let state it here that he thought it alright to upset me and then text me anyway, and that i wasnt impressed. Why tell me not to text him and then text me???? Men who needs them???

One more thing to add - my darling daughter is in love with a frenchman and he's in love with her unless im blind. So watch this spot for the wedding invite although it maybe a while in coming :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Another day begins. I know its another day because there is daylight. Apparently i think too deeply and my blogs are deep and take some thinking about. Well think about this, this is the only moment that we have and now its gone but if we are lucky and many of us are we will have many more moments but we never know when our last moment on earth will be. Tell those you love that you love them. Dont waste your time on things that are not lasting and are of no worth, diamond rings, fast cars and fancy houses cannot be taken with us when we die. No matter what the egyptians believe all that was buried with them remained behind whilst their souls were lifted heavenward. Remember we are all children of a God that loves us enough to allow his Son to die for us and in His grief he withdrew and allowed His Son to die. 'You are a child of the universe, no less then the trees and the stars you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.' (Desiderata)

Sunday, 15 August 2010

God in a godless world

I went to church today, did you? Why not? Did you even stop to think about God today or did you rush straight into your day? Satan will tell you that there is no God because he is the god of this world. Life becomes busier and we are told not to stop and pause or we will miss something important. Let me tell you now that if you dont stop you will definately miss something important, God. We are told that in 6 days we are to do all our labour but on the seventh day, the Sabbath we should stop from all our labours and rest. Now rest means rest not just a break from work but a break from life.

Stress is now being stated as one of the causes of heart disease and depression. And what causes stress? the ways we live our lives. We are suppose to stop for one whole day in seven. It doesnt matter if that day is a sunday or saturday or any other day. Its a day to stop from the labours of the world, to rest and to worship God whatever His name.

I think i have always known about God. I remember going to sunday school when i was a child. I think it was a way for my mother to have some peace from us 5 children but either way i learnt about God. My mother taught me that God was good. He would never leave me even in the worse of times. But has i grew i realised i had to find God for myself and in time i have. In times of great trials and trouble people have been known to call upon God but try calling upon Him every day. The world is in turmoil and if the leaders of the world called upon God to guide them then they would come together and work together for the better good.
If you want to know if God exists, ask Him. Yes pray that old fashion way and i know that He will answer you and you can know for yourself. God is a wise God, He knows we need to rest from the world to not get sick but on the whole we pay little heed.

If you want to know if God exists, look at a new baby or sit with a dying loved one and i have done both. There is something that happens at each end of life that bears witness of God in no other way.

Plan to take a Sabbath. A day off from the world. Do it regularly and see what happens in your life.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Living in the world but not of it ...

I think the first way of being in the world but not of it is to be content with what you have. I know i talked last time about the fact that we no longer compete with the Jones next door but with the global Jones. But there are many people around the world that dont even know the Jones exist and even if they do they are not bothered about them. Why? Because their life is taken up living their own life. When you have to fish, hunt, gather your food, fetch clean water, build, sew, mend, cook, and the list goes on you have no time for idleness until the end of yet another busy day. So one way to be out of the world is to be busy in good works. Doing those things that help yourself, your family and the community that you live in. Its seeing pass what you need to what is best for the greater good. But lets start with ourself as we can only change the world by changing ourself. Just for today stop thinking about what other people are thinking or doing and concentrate only on yourself. Do each task with full consciousness of what you are doing and do one thing at a time. Meditate, go for a walk and eat only good food, start a journal and at the end of the day pause to write in your journal. Be honest with yourself.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Not Fitting

There are days when the world just doesnt fit. You dont fit it and it doesnt fit you. At the moment it feels like the world doesnt fit me and i dont fit in it. My head is one way and the world is going another. Its all too fast. Is it possible to live in the world and not of it? There are those who do. Society makes us want things that are not necessary and we fall for it everytime. How many people do you know that have extra large televisions and extra small rooms to put it in? Even to the point where they have to move things out of the way just to get past. Its no longer keeping up with the Jones next door its keeping up with the Jones across the other side of the globe that you dont even know and will probably never meet. Would it be possible to live in this world with no money? I watched a programme at some point this year where a local vicar decided he would live as Francis of Asisi did and rely on the charity of others. But he failed on one point and that is he kept his car. And whereas he could barter for food, and ask people to supply him with a train ticket he couldnt barter for car insurance and therefore had to pay in real money. Maybe we should be less demanding and more giving. We are told never to deny the beggar but we become fearful because society has taught us to be. Whatever you give to a beggar is more then they have already and far less then you have. Try living without money and try giving to a those who petition you for money. Even if its only a little it will come back to you a 100 fold. Dont let the world teach you who to be, be who you are and teach society.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Children ...

... I have 4. Mainly grown up. Well in years any way. Have you  notice that when parents live apart its not the father that is constantly bugged by the children but the mother. I love my children and even though i would do anything for them i draw the line at washing, ironing and cleaning their rooms, even if i only have 1 of my daughters still living at home. My son is in Canada, daughter number 1 is in Cardiff or aba(e)dere (?) to be precise, daughter 2 is living in sunderland and daughter 3 at home with mum well for now any way. I know my children think im the font of all knowledge but im really not most of it is just common sense which the young people of today seem to be lacking in. Children should be taught to be independent as soon as can be reasonably expected. I mean 3 is probably a little early but 13 maybe be a little too late :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

First Blog and all that

The whys, the where's and and the what fors of blogging - for me that is. The why because everyone seems to be doing so and i so i thought i would do so to? Ok maybe not, more of i often have things to say and i have no where to say them. Where here rather then on twitter and you have to start somewhere. The what fors are the same of the whys its because i often have things to say but no where to say them and most of the time my daughter gets bored with me talking her all the time. This is just a practice but there might be something more interesting next time.