Sunday, 15 August 2010

God in a godless world

I went to church today, did you? Why not? Did you even stop to think about God today or did you rush straight into your day? Satan will tell you that there is no God because he is the god of this world. Life becomes busier and we are told not to stop and pause or we will miss something important. Let me tell you now that if you dont stop you will definately miss something important, God. We are told that in 6 days we are to do all our labour but on the seventh day, the Sabbath we should stop from all our labours and rest. Now rest means rest not just a break from work but a break from life.

Stress is now being stated as one of the causes of heart disease and depression. And what causes stress? the ways we live our lives. We are suppose to stop for one whole day in seven. It doesnt matter if that day is a sunday or saturday or any other day. Its a day to stop from the labours of the world, to rest and to worship God whatever His name.

I think i have always known about God. I remember going to sunday school when i was a child. I think it was a way for my mother to have some peace from us 5 children but either way i learnt about God. My mother taught me that God was good. He would never leave me even in the worse of times. But has i grew i realised i had to find God for myself and in time i have. In times of great trials and trouble people have been known to call upon God but try calling upon Him every day. The world is in turmoil and if the leaders of the world called upon God to guide them then they would come together and work together for the better good.
If you want to know if God exists, ask Him. Yes pray that old fashion way and i know that He will answer you and you can know for yourself. God is a wise God, He knows we need to rest from the world to not get sick but on the whole we pay little heed.

If you want to know if God exists, look at a new baby or sit with a dying loved one and i have done both. There is something that happens at each end of life that bears witness of God in no other way.

Plan to take a Sabbath. A day off from the world. Do it regularly and see what happens in your life.

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