Friday, 13 August 2010

Living in the world but not of it ...

I think the first way of being in the world but not of it is to be content with what you have. I know i talked last time about the fact that we no longer compete with the Jones next door but with the global Jones. But there are many people around the world that dont even know the Jones exist and even if they do they are not bothered about them. Why? Because their life is taken up living their own life. When you have to fish, hunt, gather your food, fetch clean water, build, sew, mend, cook, and the list goes on you have no time for idleness until the end of yet another busy day. So one way to be out of the world is to be busy in good works. Doing those things that help yourself, your family and the community that you live in. Its seeing pass what you need to what is best for the greater good. But lets start with ourself as we can only change the world by changing ourself. Just for today stop thinking about what other people are thinking or doing and concentrate only on yourself. Do each task with full consciousness of what you are doing and do one thing at a time. Meditate, go for a walk and eat only good food, start a journal and at the end of the day pause to write in your journal. Be honest with yourself.


  1. getting my own blog just to write on yours u better apperciate it aanyways as i was sying befor beig rudely interupted by not being ab;le to post it wihtout being a member, is that you should write a book then more people would see it and be able to concide there lifes more often. I know when i do it it makes me feel alot better and a lot more icontol of things ad i think that everyone eeds control because without control you get what you have now stress and too may things to do ad not enough time.

  2. Well i only know one Pixie and thats emily so i hope its you. Yes a book would be interesting to say the least - but where to start? Can you add yourself as a follower?