Monday, 9 August 2010

Not Fitting

There are days when the world just doesnt fit. You dont fit it and it doesnt fit you. At the moment it feels like the world doesnt fit me and i dont fit in it. My head is one way and the world is going another. Its all too fast. Is it possible to live in the world and not of it? There are those who do. Society makes us want things that are not necessary and we fall for it everytime. How many people do you know that have extra large televisions and extra small rooms to put it in? Even to the point where they have to move things out of the way just to get past. Its no longer keeping up with the Jones next door its keeping up with the Jones across the other side of the globe that you dont even know and will probably never meet. Would it be possible to live in this world with no money? I watched a programme at some point this year where a local vicar decided he would live as Francis of Asisi did and rely on the charity of others. But he failed on one point and that is he kept his car. And whereas he could barter for food, and ask people to supply him with a train ticket he couldnt barter for car insurance and therefore had to pay in real money. Maybe we should be less demanding and more giving. We are told never to deny the beggar but we become fearful because society has taught us to be. Whatever you give to a beggar is more then they have already and far less then you have. Try living without money and try giving to a those who petition you for money. Even if its only a little it will come back to you a 100 fold. Dont let the world teach you who to be, be who you are and teach society.

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