Monday, 2 August 2010

First Blog and all that

The whys, the where's and and the what fors of blogging - for me that is. The why because everyone seems to be doing so and i so i thought i would do so to? Ok maybe not, more of i often have things to say and i have no where to say them. Where here rather then on twitter and you have to start somewhere. The what fors are the same of the whys its because i often have things to say but no where to say them and most of the time my daughter gets bored with me talking her all the time. This is just a practice but there might be something more interesting next time.


  1. Oo Hello Mummy I have a blog on here too xx

  2. I only get bored with you talking to me because you repeat things ... a lot. lol

    - Bethany x

  3. Grace you will have to add me to your blog then :)