Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Children ...

... I have 4. Mainly grown up. Well in years any way. Have you  notice that when parents live apart its not the father that is constantly bugged by the children but the mother. I love my children and even though i would do anything for them i draw the line at washing, ironing and cleaning their rooms, even if i only have 1 of my daughters still living at home. My son is in Canada, daughter number 1 is in Cardiff or aba(e)dere (?) to be precise, daughter 2 is living in sunderland and daughter 3 at home with mum well for now any way. I know my children think im the font of all knowledge but im really not most of it is just common sense which the young people of today seem to be lacking in. Children should be taught to be independent as soon as can be reasonably expected. I mean 3 is probably a little early but 13 maybe be a little too late :)


  1. Well dearest mother, you did tell us to keep in contact. Can't moan when I ring you everyday. I try to have a little common sense. Learn as you live. Kids don't have common sense because they live and learn =D xx

  2. hello darling daughter, You managed to get on here inthe end then?

  3. Im just balancing out the fact that Grace calls everyday. This way one of us calls at least once every 3 on average!