Saturday, 18 September 2010

Odd Week

Its been an odd week! Full of ups and downs. Awesome bits and bad bits and sad bits.

Monday i went back to work. I've been off sick for 3 weeks. Its irksome. Not only to myself but to the people i work with too. I got physically sick. First a stomach bug and then a migraine. I went to the doctors and ended up sitting and sobbing my heart out to which she said it would not do and i needed to take time to grieve for myself and not for others. I find it impossible to control the emotional stuff when im physically sick, cant hide it or hide from it. I saw wisdom in her words and took some time off to rest and sleep which i didnt actually get, but more about that in a moment.

I prayed that God would hear my prayers and send help and that is what he did. First a doctors, then my sister Julie, then my daughters 1,2 and 3, then a good friend and then a priesthood holder. If i didnt know God existed before i do now. All these things worked for my good, lifted my spirit so i could keep going.

So Monday i went back to work and it was ok, normal, uncomplicated and straight forward, even if my brain wasnt working and i had to ask about the simplest of things at times.

So Tuesday came. We have 14 beds where i work but we were expecting 24 patients. Many of them day-patients. It was take a deep breath and dont expect to be able to take another one till the end of the shift. There were three of us working, then the senior sister and scheduling sister came and help admit and the whole thing though busy ended up being an awesome day. It felt like i had achieved something good.

I also gave my friend a Book of Mormon. I had prayed about it, kept getting her name in my head and i kept telling God dont be rediculous she will think im crazy but she already does so thats ok. So i just gave it too her. I put it on the desk in front of her and she took it. She seemed really pleased too and said she would read it but lets wait and see.

There are so many things that have happened this week my brain is in a bit of a whirl. Wednesday nothing out of the ordinary happened. Thursday the missionaries came and did some service for me and now i have a shiney newly painted bathroom but im sure i told him not to paint the floor. Also nearly all the wallpaper is now gone from the kitchen, along with some of the plaster, unfortunate but not there fault. Old house, old plaster. Great conversation with the missionaries too.

Friday my so called friend asked me not text him for a week has his girlfriend didnt like it. We had pizza for lunch and then after lunch he texted me and asked me if i was alright. Let just clearly state that its not me that does all the texting or the invites for lunch. Let state it here that he thought it alright to upset me and then text me anyway, and that i wasnt impressed. Why tell me not to text him and then text me???? Men who needs them???

One more thing to add - my darling daughter is in love with a frenchman and he's in love with her unless im blind. So watch this spot for the wedding invite although it maybe a while in coming :)

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